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Cheyenne records travel is a travel agency dedicated to the Square Dance industry. Since becoming a travel agency we have had several successful cruises and vacations. We would now like to invite you to cruise and Square Dance with us to the Bahamas, the Panama Canal, and Australia—just three of our up-and-coming cruise offers.

To stand out from the thousands of travel agencies available to you we feature: 

  • Complete Vacation Packages:   Our cruises come with options that include relaxing hotel stays, air transportation and transfers.
  • Best insurance package in the industry:  All of our cruises include free insurance if the deposit is made before the deadline. Our insurance package gives you 100% cashback for the entire package right up to the very last day. (This includes refundable airline tickets which airlines refuse to do.)
  • Free cash towards your next cruise: If you cruise with Cheyenne Records Travel we will give you a personalized voucher that is as good as cash on any cruise you like whether it is sponsored by us or not. ($100 – $500 per trip.)
  • Platinum package savings: We offer a platinum package that includes everything but drinks and gratuity at a significant savings to you.
  • Caller package: If you are a caller and would like to record on the Cheyenne Records label, we would like you to cruise with us for free. I will be happy to send you details of our offer.

Thanks for visiting our website and learning more about our exciting Square Dance vacation packages.

Chuck Veldhuizen


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